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Thor is an established name in the development and production of environmentally acceptable flame retardant finishes, marketed under the respected AFLAMMIT® trade mark.
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As increasingly stricter laws are enforced regarding safety at home and in the workplace, our extensive AFLAMMIT® range allows worldwide flame retardant standards to be met.


Thor supplies a range of products to the textile industry used to protect both synthetic and natural fibres across a vast range of application areas. Domestic use includes nightwear, soft furnishings and upholstery and industrial applications comprise work wear, transport vehicle interiors and office, hotel and hospital furniture.


An extensive range of non halogenated flame retardants has been developed for use in plastic applications, including thermoplastics, thermosets and thermoplastic elastomers. Cornerstone of the range is the introduction of novel and unique flame retardants (new substances) for thin articles, such as films, weaves, tapes and fibres.

Specialist Technical Support

Specialist technical support is offered through our network of dedicated laboratories and covers product development, process improvement, analytical and physical testing and bulk application advice.