Thor’s biocides provide safe and effective protection against the microbiological spoilage of a wide variety of products.
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Paints & Plasters - Wet State Paints & Plasters - Dry Film Polymer Emulsions Water Treatment + Pulp & Paper Disinfectants Metalworking Fluids Plastics & WPC Adhesives & Sealants Textiles Fuel Biocide Construction & Concrete Admixtures Minerals & Slurries Household & Detergents Wet Wipes Leather


Our main expertise lies in the production and formulation of standard and customised biocides based on own manufactured actives including isothiazolinones (available from three major Thor sites), formaldehyde donors and IPBC. A range of quaternary ammonium compounds is also amongst Thor manufactured biocides marketed under the international trademark ACTICIDE®. These biocides prevent the biodeterioration of products both in their wet/fluid, dry/cured and intermediate states.


Thor has pioneered the development of protection technology for biocides for dry film applications. The result of 10 years progress has resulted in Thor AMME(Advanced Micro Matrix Embedding). This novel technology has enabled the creation of a new generation of dry film biocides with a wide range of benefits

High Purity Isothiazolinones

Our high purity isothiazolinones with innovative stabilising systems have gained ready acceptance by users and regulatory bodies such as the US EPA and FDA. In addition we will be supporting all our major actives through the European BPR and other regulatory bodies.

Product information is for general guidance only - please contact your local Thor Group Company for Product Data Sheets and technical advice. A wide range of other products is available for specialised applications and to meet local conditions and regulations.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.